Two of my dearest friends recently celebrated their 1 year marriage anniversary.  As my own way to celebrate them, I like to relive their wedding day by watching their video by the amazing, Red Soles Studio.

I always cry when I watch this video because their love is an inspiration to me.  Patient, kind, supportive...everything I think of when I think of what a marriage should be. 

I also had the honor of doing one of my dearest friend's hair and makeup on her wedding day!  So, I hope you all enjoy!  Don't worry, those fuzzy feelings are normal when watching.

Cheers to my homies, Kimberly & Nhat and may you always remember the start of your lifetime together!

Love y'all!

If you ever suffer from dry, chapped lips, here is a little bit of help to heal your pretty pout!

Click Here if you're unable to see the video link above.

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Here is a simple recipe I use for an organic lip scrub that will help exfoliate dry, chapped lips and restore moisture to help your lips feel silky smooth!  Enjoy!

AuthorCat Vo