If you're always on the go with minutes to spare for your daily makeup routine, this is the perfect little brush set for you.  The bdellium tools mineral brush set has all your basic needs with some versatility. 

Why the bdellium green bambu brushes are freakin' awesome?  For starters, they're 100% eco-friendly and cruelty-free with vegan soft synthetic bristles.  They're easy to clean, quick to dry, and retains its form.  Not only does it pick up product very well, but it also applies smoothly right where you want it. And it's the cutest shade of green.

The 5pc Mineral set comes in a neat round package with a green top which can be saved to store your brushes.  This will keep it nice and organized after use or cleaning.

bdellium tools

mineral 5pc brush set

Often times I hear people say, "I don't know how to use this brush or that brush."  Honestly, you can use a makeup brush for however you want to work it!  Just because it's labeled "blush" don't be afraid to use it for contouring or powdering.  However, for a general guide, I'll walk you through this set.

Again, this is for the fast paced, get-some-makeup-on-to-look-decent and run-out-the-door look. 

Apply your favorite tinted moisturized or bb cream.  I suggest one of my favorites, smashbox bb cream.

#934 - Precision Concealer Brush - You can use it as a concealer brush or use it as an eyeliner brush

#778 - Large Tapered Brush - Apply a medium neutral shade in to your crease. Blend your primary eye shadow color with this brush as well.

#778 Large Shadow Brush - Apply your primary eye shadow color on your lids.

#942 - Slanted Contour - Use to apply bronzer or blush or both!

#959 - Powder Blending - Use this to set your makeup with your favorite HD powder.

mineral 5pc brush set.  up close and personal.

Ta da!  Not so bad, right? 

Another great thing about this line is the maintenance.  When you're ready to clean this set, you can simply use baby shampoo, rinse, and lay flat to dry on a towel.

I will be posting more brushes, their best uses, a few sets, and why I think they're awesome!  For this brush set (bdellium Mineral 5 pc brush set), I only have a few in my supply if you want to purchase, so please message me for details. (Reg. $40)

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