Every woman should have poised and chic moments in fashion and beauty from time to time in their lives.  This is definitely a moment! 

Model - Nicole Hershey

Photography - Monica Vo

For the upcoming fall and winter months, comes a slew of events, cocktail parties, and festivities.  I wanted to show something with a little more oompf, but with class and style at the same time. 

I styled Nicole's hair in a high semi-chignon style with a simple braid wrapping across for a feminine and delicate feel.  So the hair wouldn't come off like a young ballerina, I amped up the makeup with smokey eyes and a hint of blue and a bold red lip.  With this look I also wanted to emphasize the brows (brows are in!) without looking overbearing.  I paired this look with a simple white tunic dress with metallic detailing around the collar.  This gorgeous piece and plenty of others can be found at Vernon (2049 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA).

I hope this serves as a little inspiration to do something a little different and daring for your next big event!  Good luck and let me know how it goes if you try it!