I've always loved the look and style of pincurls, but with long hair, it's a little bit of a challenge.  Since I first learned about this technique in Cosmetology school many a years ago, we always used gel or cream to form the pincurls.  I wasn't too thrilled about icing my extra long hair in gel, so I used a hot iron method by forming my pincurls with a 1/2" curling iron rod. 

Here is a look on how to create that Big Hair!

Like most of you, I need product to hold my hair together.  Here's a look at my favorite products I used for this look.


Kenra 25 Hairspray - I use this baby during the ENTIRE styling process.

It's a 10 - I love prepping hair with this styling mousse with or without hot tools because it doesn't flake and gives your hair beautiful flexibility for styling.

Big Sexy Hair - Speaks for itself, eh?  This Powder Play is used at the root to give you a hair lift.  You can use this product for teasing by back combing or simply lifting with your hands.  It's a must-have for Big Hair!

CHI - I use this smoothing infusion to smooth out any frizz after combing out my curls.  It also gives your hair a soft and healthy shine.

I hope this helps you create that big beautiful hair for any special occasion that may be coming up for you!  Good Luck and let me know how it goes!

Happy Mardi Gras!