I love contour and highlighting!  It's subtle and simple, but makes such a huge impact on your overall makeup look.  The best thing about contour and highlighting is that you can sculpt and enhance your features without any drastic measures!  Just a few swoops of your brush! 

Here's a quick video of how I contour and highlight using my cream foundation by Kryolan Dermacolor palette.  You can contour with cream, liquid, or powder foundations.  If you don't need a whole palette of various colored foundations, I recommend buying 3 shades:  1 foundation 2-3 shades darker, 1 foundation 2-3 shades lighter and 1 foundation your color skin tone.  

[products used] 

Kryolan Dermacolor Foundation Palette

bdellium tools:  Foundation brush #949, Contour #942, Highlighting or all-over #955  

Red Cherry lashes

MAC Shell Cream Colour for highlighting


Hope this helps in your conquest to contour!  Tell me what products do you like to use for contour and highlighting?