Don't you just love finding inspiration in the little things?  A book, a flower, or even a macaroon!   


A few days ago, my daughter was eaten alive by a mosquito 12 times!  She was red, swelling, irritated and completely miserable.  To cheer her up after I finished my 5am - 11am bridal party, I stopped by our favorite little spot, Sucre.  I picked out a small assortment of macaroons for my Abby and a little light bulb went off in my head.  I admired the sugar crystals and the rich color from this one particular little mac... and that's how it all began.

1.  Ben Nye Pressed Shadow in Santa Fe

2.  Ben Nye Grand Lumiere in Amethyst

3.  Ben Nye Grand Lumiere in Cosmic Velvet

4.  Kryolan Pearl Eyeshadow in Glamz

5.  Ben Nye Pressed Shadow in Shell (mixed with a tiny bit of #4 Glamz) 

6.  Ben Nye Cake Liner (mixed with LiquiSet) 

7.  Inglot Blush #38

8.  MAC Naked Lip Liner

9.  Ben Nye Natural  

10.  C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine


Once I completed the makeup look, I used (11.) Duo lash glue in clear and brushed on a thin layer on the outer area of my lid.  Since I didn't have sugar crystals, I used (12.) sea salt to adhere to the glue.  Good thing I didn't get any salt in my eye balls!  After the glue dried, I just slapped on one of my favorite dark criss cross false lashes from

I hope you enjoy this look!  What are some things you find inspiration in???